eukula care emulsion 2,5L

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  • cleaning & care of oiled-impregnated parquet and cork floors
  • high-yield concentrate based on natural rapeseed oil
  • for maintenance cleaning, maintenance care and basic cleaning
  • two variants: for natural and white-oiled wood and parquet floors

  • Version Colorless
  • Package Size 2,5 L

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The eukula care emulsion is a soap-based cleaning and care concentrate for the cleaning & care of oiled-impregnated parquet and cork floors. The natural oil-based system cleaning agent is suitable for use in residential and commercial areas.

The parquet care is based on natural rapeseed oil in edible oil quality, which was saponified in a gentle process. The cleaning agent convinces with excellent dirt binding, even with greasy residues. The surfaces are not leached out and no gray haze is formed. The eukula care is refatting and gentle to the skin when used.

Not recommended for coated surfaces without kindling, for example coatings with
water-based oils and other water-based paints.


Remove coarse dirt by sweeping or vacuuming. For maintenance cleaning, dilute 1:200 (50 ml to 10 l) with water and wipe the floor damp with this cleaning solution. Allow to dry. For intensive cleaning, increase addition to 1:10. Apply with a mop. After a short reaction time, rub the floor vigorously with a wet cloth (brush or single-disc machine/green pad). Vacuum off dirt. Wipe with clean water. Ventilate well for rapid drying.


  • Avoid excessive application of water. Generally use as little water as possible on wooden floors.
  • After intensive cleaning, or if the floor is more exhausted by use and cleaning, the floor must be re-oiled.
Category: eukula
SKU: 0182002590
Execution‍: Colorless
Pack Size‍: 1 l
Surface‍: for oiled wood and cork floors
Item weight‍: 2,78 kg
Content‍: 2,50 l

Soap-based wipe care concentrate.

Package Size 2,5 L
Consumption Maintenance cleaning: 0.1 liter per 100 m²
Scope For regular cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood and cork Floors.
Benefits For use in residential and commercial applications.

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