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  • high-yield cleaning concentrate without care effect
  • for maintenance and final cleaning
  • suitable for manual and machine application
  • effective cleaning effect - based on highly effective surfactants
  • for cleaning sealed and oiled floors, not for impregnated-oiled floors

  • Package Size 1 L

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The eukula clean cleaning concentrate is suitable for maintenance and final cleaning on sealed and oiled parquet and wooden floors. The concentrate is particularly economical and is based on highly effective surfactants. The parquet cleaner without care effect is used undiluted - in residential and commercial areas. The eukula clean is also suitable for layer-forming oiled wood surfaces, but not for impregnated-oiled floors.


The floor must be pre-cleaned of loosely adhering dirt with a broom or vacuum. Mop up fine dirt, dust or water-soluble impurities regularly with a damp cloth. To do this, add 0.05-0.1 l of eukula clean to approx. 10 l of warm water. Avoid excessive application of water, and generally keep water to a minimum on wooden floors. Floors not only need to be cleaned, they also need to be maintained to protect and preserve their value.
Please also refer to our cleaning and care instructions.


  • For spot cleaning of strong or stubborn dirt, concentrated application is also possible. Then wipe immediately with clean water. Follow up with care if necessary.
  • Large areas can be cleaned in conjunction with a single-disc machine SRP and a scratch-free white pad. Immediately absorb liquor with a water vacuum cleaner.
Category: eukula
SKU: 2113000100
Pack Size‍: 1 l
Surface‍: for lacquered wood and cork floors
Item weight‍: 1,12 kg
Package Size 1 L
Consumption Dilute 0.05-0.1 l in 10 l of warm water. In this ratio, 10-20 applications per Liter.
Drying Time Walkable and usable after drying of the water.
Scope For maintenance cleaning of all floors and cleaning of other surfaces, also for final cleaning of Buildings.
Benefits Cleaner without care effect based on highly effective surfactants.

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