eukula intensive cleaner

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  • pH-neutral
  • Basic cleaner for the removal of old residues and heavy soiling
  • Cleaner without care effect based on highly effective surfactants
  • for use on sealed and oiled parquet and wooden floors
  • removes stains and heel marks
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The eukula intensive cleaner is a basic cleaner for use on sealed and oiled parquet and wooden floors. The parquet cleaner removes old residues of wiping care products and polymer dispersion films as well as stains and heel marks. The cleaner without care effect is based on highly effective surfactants and alcohols. For use in residential and commercial areas.


The floor must be pre-cleaned of loosely adhering dirt with a broom or vacuum. When used on sealed floors, apply euku intensiv undiluted to the floor with a wide mop. After a reaction time of max. 10 minutes, loosen the care film with a white pad. Immediately absorb dirt completely. Immediately wipe with clear water until damp. Dilute 1:3 with water before use on oiled floors. The floor must be treated again after basic cleaning to protect and maintain its value.

Please also refer to our cleaning and care instructions (*).


  • It is recommended to work with a single-disc machine and water vacuum.
  • Reduce excessive water impact on wooden floors, therefore work on the floor in sections. If possible, carry out basic cleaning in pairs, with the first person loosening the care film and the second immediately vacuuming up the resulting dirt.
  • Do not wet sensitive surfaces (e.g. lacquered furniture, baseboards, doors, etc.) with the cleaning liquor. Check the floor in advance for paint cracks and open joints. Mask metal surfaces and movement joint/transition profiles before cleaning.
  • Parquet and cork floors can absorb water in seam areas and joints and change their shape by swelling.
  • Prolonged exposure to water-based sealing lacquers can lead to the temporary formation of milky stains. It is therefore essential to keep the exposure time to a minimum and never leave the floor wet for a longer period of time.
Category: eukula
SKU: 2122000100
Pack Size‍: 1 l
Surface‍: for lacquered wood and cork floors
Item weight‍: 1,03 kg

Special basic cleaner

Package Size 1 L
Consumption 100-150 ml/m² (7-10 m²/l) (undiluted)
Drying Time Can be applied after drying of the water and regression of any buildup. The removal of the water is favored by heat and Ventilation.
Scope For removal of old residues of wiping care products and polymer dispersion films on parquet and cork Floors.
Benefits Removes stains and heel marks.

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