eukula refresher

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  • Care & refreshment of oiled wood and cork floors
  • Re-impregnation for new color depth
  • easy application, high penetration
  • based on natural oils and waxes

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The eukula refresher is a parquet care product for refreshing and reimpregnation of oiled parquet and cork floors. For use of all wear classes in residential and commercial Areas. The parquet care product based on natural oils and waxes refreshes worn-out wooden floors and gives them a new color shine. The deep-acting impregnation is easy to apply and has a high penetration capacity. With mild odor during application. Without layer formation with natural, open-pored character. Also suitable for underfloor heating. Due to the liquid texture also suitable for impregnation of furniture, panels and co.


Thoroughly damp clean the floor to be maintained, allow floor to dry. Apply product thinly with cloth, brush or roller. Saturate more absorbent wood. Avoid excess application! After 15-30 minutes, polish out excess oil with a single-disc machine and white pad. No oil may remain on the surface. The oil must not dry on the floor under any circumstances during application.


  • What the wood soaks up, it must get. What is too much on top of the wood must be taken off again.
  • It is also practical to apply the product with a T-wiper and fur strip.
  • For polishing out on large surfaces, we recommend using the single-disc machine. Larger surpluses can be taken up with a cloth placed underneath. On small surfaces, you can alternatively work by hand with cloths.
  • Any oil pressing out of the joint should be rubbed off with a green pad after 1 day.
  • Floor and material temperature must not be below +15°C during application and drying time.
  • Optimum conditions are in the range of 18-25 °C.
  • The rules of the trade must be observed.
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SKU: eukula-refresher
Pack Size‍: 1 l
Surface‍: for oiled wood and cork floors

Deep impregnation based on natural oils and waxes.

Package Size 1 and 2,5 L
Consumption Depending on the absorbency of the substrate, increased consumption possible. 20-30 ml/m² (30-50 m²/l).
Drying Time Can be carefully walked on and further processed after approx. 24 Hours.
Scope Floor care for oxidative oiled surfaces
Benefits Deep reimpregnation of leached oiled wood floors as well as cork and OSB.

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