eukula oak iron conditioner

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  • water-based salt solution ("lye")
  • creative pre-treatment agent for wood before impregnation
  • for blackening when reacting with tannins, for example in oak
  • for professional use only
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The eukula oak iron conditioner is a water-based lye for shaping wooden floors in professional use. The salt solution is a pre-treatment agent for wood before impregnation. Leached wooden floors absorb oils particularly well. The lye provides a black coloration when reacting with tannins, for example, oak. The color effect looks like smoked. In addition, the lye provides UV protection in the wood.

Lyes react chemically with the natural wood constituents. This results in a wood species-specific discoloration. The application is of course also possible on other types of wood than those mentioned here. The effect must be tested individually for the given wood. Lyes do not represent a protective surface treatment.

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Apply the lye evenly with the T-wiper with fur strip on the professionally sanded floor. After the water dries, oil without further intermediate sanding.


  • The professionally freshly sanded and grouted substrate must be in a clean, dry, oil-, wax- and dust-free condition
  • For a flawless appearance, it is essential to ensure uniform application
  • Floor and material temperature must not be below +15°C during application and drying time. Optimum conditions are in the range of 18-25 °C
  • The rules of the trade must be observed.
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SKU: 0253000124
Pack Size‍: 1 l
Product type‍: Lyes
Solvent-free‍: Yes
Item weight‍: 1,10 kg

Water-based salt solution ("lye").

Package Size 1 L
Consumption 80-100 ml/m² (10-12 m²/l).
Scope Creative pre-treatment agent for wood before impregnation with eukula oils.
Benefits Leached wood floors absorb oils particularly well.

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Product information eukula oak iron conditioner