eukula hardwax oil+ ultra mat 2,5L

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  • for easy-care floors with natural expression
  • layer-forming on the basis of vegetable oils
  • for sealing wood and parquet floors
  • easy application with accentuation of the wood grain

  • Gloss level Ultra mat
  • Package Size 2,5 L

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The eukula hardwax oil + seals wood and parquet floors in residential and commercial applications. The layer-forming oil based on vegetable oils provides easy-care floors with a natural expression. The durability and water resistance of the floors is increased. The wood grain is emphasized in a natural way, creating a pleasantly warm color appearance.


  • Dries to a natural matte finish
  • Easy application with the roller
  • Fast drying
  • Increased water resistance
  • Good penetration, elastic film
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Side-bonding reducing
  • Complies with ÖNORM C 2354 class C
  • High durability
  • Emphasizes the wood grain, warm color appearance
  • Tested according to DIN 51130, slip class R9
  • Fire classification according to EN 13501: Oak treated with the product and glued to screed from 8bmm thickness is flame retardant according to EN 14342 in the parameters stated there, corresponding to fire class C(fl)-s1
  • Emission-tested building product according to AgBB guidelines. abZ-No. Z-157.10-213 (Germany)

Application options

  • In optional combination with eukula hardwax nature add, reduced staining and a color appearance "as untreated" is achieved
  • In optional combination with eukula hardwax antislip add, increased slip resistance is achieved (slip class R10)
  • Ideal in optional combination with the reactive finish eukula master FS to achieve a particularly hard-wearing, block-resistant surface and fast drying (e.g. for areas subject to heavier wear). As a 2-component variant for professional use only.
  • In two-component application, approved as a color-imparting primer under two-component eukula water sealers. (**)


We recommend wiping the professionally grouted and sanded substrate damp over the entire surface before applying the oil to ensure good impregnation. Allow to dry. Shake well. Sieve off any skin that may have formed before application. Apply evenly with Hardwax Oil roller. Sand between coats with mesh 120. Do not sand through.
sand through. In the case of optional 2-component processing with eukula master FS, mix this into the oil 1:10. Mixture
Process identically as described. Do not mix more than can be processed within 2 hours.


  • The professionally freshly sanded and grouted substrate must be in a clean, dry, oil-, wax- and dust-free condition. We recommend eukula fill 101 for jointing.
  • In the case of raw wood application, saturation must be achieved. In this case, it may be advantageous to work in the oil several times wet-on-wet with a roller, especially in the case of thin-layer application.
  • Pre-watering the floor before oiling is recommended and improves resistance. Wet the wood completely with a damp cloth and wipe. After a short drying time, the floor is visually dry and can be oiled without re-sanding. (***)
  • The application is alternatively also possible with the spatula. In this case, the supernatant is polished out while the product is still wet, using the single-disc machine and a pad (recommendation: green); the impregnating component remains. We would like to point out the risk of filler strokes depending on the wood and object conditions.
  • In case of optional further processing with water-based varnishes, the surface MUST be wiped wet with water before applying the oil. Drying of the oil MUST be safely established. (**) Intermediate sanding grid 120 recommended.
  • Floor and material temperature must not be below +15°C during application and drying time. Optimal conditions are in the range of 18-25 °C
  • The rules of the trade must be observed.
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SKU: 0152002590
Pack Size‍: 2,5 l
Product type‍: Hard wax oils and complementary products
Gloss level‍: Ultra mat
Content‍: 2,50 l

Layer-forming oil based on vegetable oils.

Package Size 2,5 L
Gloss levels Ultra mat
Consumption For thin-layer sealing with open pore pattern "as oiled": Per coat 50 ml/m² (20 m²/l). 2 coats recommended. For conventional sealing with a plump surface: Per coat 100 ml/m² (10 m²/l). 2 coats recommended.
Drying Time Can be carefully walked on and further processed after approx. 6 hours. Cautiously loadable after 24 Hours.
Scope For easy-care floors with a natural expression. For sealing wood and parquet floors in home and object.
Benefits Applicable to all European wood species as well as cork and many well-known exotic Woods.

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