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  • suitable for all European wood species
  • solvent-free natural oil-based deep impregnation
  • as basic impregnation on sanded wooden floors
  • as 2C variant with eukula master FS for professional application

  • Package Size 1 L

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eukula oil 1 FS is a natural oil-based deep impregnation for all European wood species. It is suitable as a basic impregnation on sanded wood, parquet and cork floors in residential and commercial applications. In combination with the reactive finish eukula master FS, an optimal, hard-wearing and block-resistant surface is created and fast drying is achieved. As a 2K variant, oil 1 FS is only suitable for professional use.
The impregnating oil has many useful properties:

  • Solvent-free, low-emission
  • Easy to process
  • Long open time
  • Without layer formation with natural, open-pored character
  • High durability
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Fire classification according to EN 13501: Oak treated with the product and glued to screed from 8 mm thickness is flame retardant according to EN 14342 in the parameters stated there, corresponding to fire class C(fl)-s1
  • emission-tested building product according to AgBB guidelines
  • abZ-No. Z-157.10-156 (Germany)
  • abZ-No. under 2K-eukula-sealings: Z-154.10-155 (Germany)
  • abZ-No. under 1K-eukula sealers: Z-157.10-157 (Germany)


We recommend wiping the professionally grouted and sanded substrate damp over the entire surface before applying the oil in order to ensure good impregnation. Allow to dry back. Shake well. Apply oil evenly with a spatula. In the case of highly absorbent substrates, repeat trowel application several times wet-on-wet according to the absorbency of the wood in order to avoid trowel marks. Alternatively, in case of high absorbency as well as pronounced open joints, the application can also be carried out with the Hardwax Oil roller, avoid excess application. After 15-30 minutes contact time, polish out supernatant with single-disc machine and white pad. No oil should remain on the surface.
The oil must not be allowed to dry on the floor during application. In the case of optional 2-component processing with eukula master FS, mix this into the oil 1:10. Process the mixture identically as described. Do not mix more than can be processed within 2 Hours.


  • The professionally freshly sanded and grouted substrate must be in a clean, dry, oil-, wax- and dust-free condition.
  • Oil belongs on the surface and not in the joint, where it can remain liquid for a long time due to insufficient exposure to oxygen. In the case of open joints, the oil can also be applied in another way than with a spatula (e.g. sparingly with a short floor roller). In any case, make sure that the wood surface is saturated with the oil and that no excess remains on the surface.
  • Any oil pressing out of the joint should be wiped off with green pad after 1 day
  • Pre-watering the floor before oiling is recommended and improves the resistances. Wet the wood with a damp cloth over the entire surface and wipe off. After a short drying time, the floor is visually dry and can be oiled without re-sanding. (***)
  • The choice of the pad influences the result. With a hard green pad the floor is smoothed. With a soft white pad, more of the surface texture given by pre-watering remains.
  • For optional further processing with water-based paints, the surface MUST be wet wiped with water prior to oil application. It MUST be safely established that the oil has dried. (**)
  • Floor and material temperature must not be below +15°C during application and drying time. Optimal conditions are given in the range of 18-25 °C.
  • The rules of the trade must be observed.
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SKU: 0166000190
Pack Size‍: 1 l
Product type‍: Water-based fillers and primersImpregnating oils
Solvent-free‍: Yes
Item weight‍: 1,20 kg

Natural oil-based deep impregnation.

Package Size 1 L
Consumption 30-50 ml/m² (20-30 m²/l)
Drying Time Can be carefully walked on and further processed after approx. 24 Hours.
Scope For basic impregnation of sanded wooden, parquet and cork floors in residential and commercial Areas.
Benefits Applicable to all European wood species as well as cork and many well-known exotic Woods.

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