eukula oil 1 FS 1L

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  • für alle europäischen Holzarten geeignet
  • lösemittelfreie naturölbasierte Tiefenimprägnierung
  • als Grundimprägnierung auf abgeschliffenen Holzfußböden
  • als 2K-Varianter mit dem eukula master FS für die professionelle Anwendung

  • Package Size 1 L

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Natural oil-based deep impregnation for wood and cork floors in residential and commercial areas. Solvent-free, easy to apply, suitable for underfloor heating, slip-resistant R10 according to BGR 181, overpaintable in combination with eukula master FS with eukula 2K seals.
Category: eukula
SKU: 0166000190
Pack Size‍: 1 l
Product type‍: Water-based fillers and primersImpregnating oils
Solvent-free‍: Yes
Item weight‍: 1,20 kg

Natural oil-based deep impregnation.

Package Size 1 L
Consumption 30-50 ml/m² (20-30 m²/l)
Drying Time Can be carefully walked on and further processed after approx. 24 Hours.
Scope For basic impregnation of sanded wooden, parquet and cork floors in residential and commercial Areas.
Benefits Applicable to all European wood species as well as cork and many well-known exotic Woods.

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