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  • water-based one-part all-round parquet sealer
  • for sealing wood and parquet floors in the home and object
  • easy processing
  • high durability

  • Gloss level 
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One-part all-round water sealer for wood floors of all wear classes in residential and commercial areas. Easy application, slip-resistant R9 (311/312/313), without inherent yellowing, low odor.
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Pack Size‍: 5 l10 l
Product type‍: 1Part water-based lacquers
Gloss level‍: SatinMatUltra mat

Water-based one-component all-round parquet sealer.

Package Size 5 and 10 L
Gloss levels Satin, mat and ultra mat
Consumption Per coat approx. 120-130 ml/m² (8 m²/l).
Drying Time Carefully walkable and can be further processed after evaporation of the water (1-3 hours).
Scope For sealing wood and parquet floors in home and object.
Benefits Almost universal application on all types of wood and cork.

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